This episode is a dive into another one of our favorite computer peripherals. Trackballs! Once you go track, you never go back. They're pretty awesome and we both entirely recommend using at least one at work or for non-gaming. We also have a good chunk of tangents in this episode, talking about breweries, cocktails, the sweet places to go in Frankfort, and a little about my new puppy, Finn! Stay pink!

So this episode is a little different. We thought it would be interesting to record the first half of the episode before Brandi ever saw or read anything about the cult classic anime, Neon Genesis Evangelion. The second half of the episode is SPOILER CITY! There is a couple week long break in between the two halves where we both watched the whole series and broke down what everything means and how fucked up it all is! If you've seen NGE and want to listen through the turmoil of a new person trying to understand it all or if you have never seen it and want to a really explanation of the series, this is a really fun epsiode! Stay Pink!

Because we're awesome, a recorded episode was deleted :/ We tried to re-record it but ended up with new content. We chat about how great that there is a hazy IPA fad going on now and we might do a video taste testing some hazy IPAs at our fav place, Country Boy Georgetown! It's surprising we were actually able to stay under 2 hours when talking about some of our favorite peripherals, Mechanical Keyboards!! It's a thocking good time. Stay Pink!

It's JUNE! Brandi's birthday month! We have some fun facts about how Brandi's birthday in June is related to John's birthday in November. It's pretty... juicy... :3. Since it's also Pride month, we start out with a seasonal Pride edition of Blake's hard cider! Once the actual storm passes, Brandi geeks out over her new NAS server. Stay Pink!

Part two of our geeking out to the rest of the E3 events for 2019. RIP John's wallet! He's going to ... SWITCH... to the console side. Get it? He's gonna get a Nintendo Switch. We chat about only the coolest games we're looking forward to! Don't forget we include show notes about each episode at cutest URL around, Stay pink!

Aw yeah, guys! E3 2019 is here!! We watched the Microsoft Xbox live event and chit chat about the awesomeness of the presentation and the games we're looking forward to. Next episode will be part 2 and we'll talk about the next E3 live events and who we're going to have to throw our money at. We also get pretty deep in the weeds about the drinks this week. Hope you like alcohol fun facts! Enjoy and stay pink!

This week we go over how awesome our Unusually Pink Playlist has become on Spotify. It's searchable to feel free to find it and follow! We also dig into personal cyber security that anyone, no matter how technical you are, should at least look into. Explanations are given about how easy certain methods or services are to implement and whether or not it's free! Enjoy and Stay Pink!

This episode John gets a surprise blind bourbon tasting! We get to see how his palate stands up to lower cost bourbons. We also give a Blizzcon update and the salt that goes with it. Chat about our feelings around the the final episode of Game of Thrones and what shows we plan to replace that dagger sized hole with in our lives. Stay Pink!

We were a little late posting this episode due to being too excited then immediately disappointed for the Game of Thrones final episode of the show. Instead, we nerd out on the upcoming new Windows Terminal redesign Microsoft announced at this years Build Event. John tells us about his interest in coding but then also jacking up his PC trying to install Linux on it. Brandi talks about her hobby of collecting hobbies and making a website around it. A pretty techy episode this time!

Episode 5 gives an update to our Blizzcon ticket purchasing nightmare while also exposing Brandi's love of Pokemon Cards after seeing the new Detective Pikachu movie! We chat further about our favorite local brewery, Country Boy Brewing as well as actually keeping up with a Fun Bun Fact!

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